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Anonymous asked: Hey Tanner. Tom Bacchus here. Hope you had a great tour. Anything exciting happen when ye left Ireland or was it same old tour stuff? Would love to post some of those bacchus pics if you link me. I will credit you :) Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Hey whats up Thomas! Ehh yea noting to crazy, the only thing that sticks out in my mind was I forget where we were at but we were sleeping in the van and I was sleeping up front and these guys were knocking on thhe window. They kept trying to get me to come out and look at our tires but I knew our tires were fine so I screamed Adams name and then our driver woke up and then they realized that there was more than one person in the van so they started to run away. I think they wanted to steal the van lol, other than that yea just normal tour shit. Hows the screen printing business going? yea whats your email address I will send you them asap!